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Top-O-Rock is vandalized

by Rachel Molenda, Staff writer

Monday, May 5, 2014


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The cover story in Charleston Monday 5 May 2014

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Here are comments from Ted Elden

20 or so of the 8 foot square windows are broken out, 800+ feet of cooper tubing at each window/ floor line through the whole building have been stolen, graffiti and sexual symbols are painted on walls, ceiling and carpets.

Doors are broken down and walks broken thru.
The building is vulnerable for any to have great injury to fall out of open walls and or cut on the sprayed glass all over the grounds, walks & floors.

(It seems that) Dr. Mitchell Rashid, the current owner, has not protected this building since he bought it.

He put up a gate with a chain & lock, but he does not raise the gate so that anyone can come and go by car any hour they please.

Is it his intent to destroy this building or collect insurance monies ?

This building (& my home) have been featured many times on national TV, Home & Garden TV, on the Dream Builder program, and in the national Dwell Magazine.

He has told me specifically not to be concerned with the building and site. When I do see people there, I tell them to leave. My Private Eye neighbor has called the police (who arrive too late) when they have seen cars or lights at Top O Rock.

I am well, happy and delighting in the spring foliage around me.

Other have tried to scare me with law suits or auction the sale of my home. It was rumored there was an arrest warrant for me, so I ran our of state briefly, but I think that is all over now.